shrimp-grn-border.jpgShrimp and Animal Feed 

RAE’s algal biomass is an excellent source of high-quality protein, lipids and carotenoids for animal feed applications, especially well suited for aquaculture diets. 

Wild-strain algae are grown in RAE’s carefully controlled aquaculture ponds and harvested without the use of harmful chemicals. This protein, derived from microalgae instead of fishmeal or soybeans, is more efficiently produced and is free from anti-nutritional factors that can retard growth in some aquaculture applications. The presence of the natural carotenoid mixture promotes natural coloration of the flesh, potentially providing the aquaculturist a lower-cost alternative to supplements. 

RAE’s selection of microalgae has been utilized for shrimp and aquaculture diets and has been found to promote desirable pigmentation, health and weight gain.