Biodiesel is the fastest-growing renewable fuel in the United States and the world, experiencing an average annual growth rate of 100 percent per year over the past five-year period.

Making fuels from algal production processes is one of the most sought-after technologies in today’s world, and RAE’s award-winning team and intellectual property portfolio place us ahead of the competition.

Technology now allows jet aircraft fuel to be produced from algae. An environmentally friendly and “green” product, algal oil fuel production is totally renewable, with no food-for-fuel tradeoff as in soybean biodiesel, for example. Even if used as a blend with petro biodiesel, the sulfur emissions are dramatically reduced. Algal fuels can be used for marine, aircraft, ground transportation, agriculture, construction and heating oil.

Biodiesel and renewable diesel significantly contribute to the U.S. economy in multiple ways. According to an economic analysis by the National Biodiesel Board, the annual production of biodiesel will reach 650 million gallons by 2015.


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Decreasing dependency on foreign oil

Eliminating the food-for-fuel tradeoff

Maximizing the use of economical production methods

Create green energy careers

Captures CO2 directly from the environment