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Algae are an exciting biomass source because they provide the platform for an extraordinary portfolio of useful products that can be used for fuels, nutrition, personal care and chemical feedstocks. RAE focuses on using our novel technology in the areas of fuels, nutrition and nutraceuticals.  


There is a global desire to displace fossil fuels to offset the negative environmental consequences of carbon emissions, and algae are uniquely able to recover carbon dioxide from the atmosphere – providing the world with an opportunity to truly recycle carbon.

nutrition-header-img.jpgNutrition - Human and Animal

Algae are vital as primary producers of nutrients, and numerous life forms rely on algae to provide their diet with high quality proteins, carbohydrates and fats. RAE brings this protein source from the primary producer of nutrients directly to the marketplace.   

We believe that capturing the protein value of algae addresses a global demand for high-quality protein. RAE technology enables the cost-effective delivery of high-quality, algal-based protein produced in a highly sustainable, geographically accessible manner.  


Algae are a rich source of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and other highly desirable antioxidants that include carotenoids and xanthophylls. Many of these products have been demonstrated to provide benefits to both humans and animals as dietary supplements. Nutraceuticals are a large, fast-growing market segment, and the potential health benefits of the specialty carotenoids and fatty acids are becoming increasingly apparent as more research is completed.


Human Nutrition

Animal Nutrition